hello everyone!

i’m happy to announce that i’ll be recording live at my all-time favorite place to perform in the world, the Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, California next month on 7/14/14!

i had my 30th birthday at the Kuumbwa on the night we recorded Ray Brown’s ‘Bass Face’ album on 4/4/93. Both of my parents are in the audience on this record. Ray and Jeff Hamilton helped me and and taught me so much, they came after my young energetic ass with a red-hot poker and they made me play! i can say with confidence that Ray at 67, ‘Hammer’ at 40, and the kid at 30 all had fun times in this band. boy do we miss Ray, Milt Jackson, Oscar Peterson and how it simply felt to even be around the fire and magic of the second-generation Jazz giants.
Ray Brown Trio @ Kuumbwa 1993 (unknown audience member photog)last year, (which was exactly 20 years later) in 2013, i recorded with my trio featuring David Wong and Kenny Washington at the hallowed Kuumbwa. my band, the staff, the spiritually-abundant communal vibes of the one-and-only Santa Cruz audience, my ace engineer wizard and an extremely hard-working, patient and able Piano technician gave me the red carpet treatment last year.

Tim Jackson, The Godfather of the Kuumbwa, which next year will celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary (!!!!) of presenting magical and inspired Jazz shows of synchronistic chemistry between the artist-performers, audience and angelic all-volunteer staff, has today in his inimitable way ‘given his blessing to my favor’ to record more music so that i may compile it with last year’s sessions for my next CD release, during my engagement next month with the Benny Green Trio @The Kuumbwa Jazz Center in Santa Cruz, CA on 7/14/14.

i cherish an opportunity to return to the room i first played as a bay area teenager in 1979, and where i played the piano for many annual return engagements during my tenures in the bands of Betty Carter, Art Blakey and Ray Brown, the onset of leadership in my first trio with Christian McBride and Carl Allen, through last year’s Monterey Jazz Festival on Tour band and countless unforgettable nights on the Kuumbwa stage over the past 35 years.

please come celebrate and join in the Kuumbwa Magic as we record our new live C.D. on 7/14/14! thank you! Love  benny

welcome to my site!

it’s been wonderful hearing from from Jazz lovers around the world that my stories and music are of interest. thank you for showing me that you appreciate what I have to say. I’m grateful to my friends and colleagues who demonstrate the beauty of positive thoughts and words to me, thank you all for teaching me fresh ways to shine light on others in each day. only through music do I have the good fortune to know and observe you. I want to do my mentors right and I want the music to feel good, with no compromise or gimmicks. so… straight ahead!